I purchased an Atmega328p chip in the hope that it will form part of my tracker. I followed the instructions from Freetronics which listed all the additional components I needed.

A resistor and a few capacitors with the 16 Mhz crystal will get you started, But you really need to consider how you are going to power it and how you are going to get your code onto the chip.

The instructions allowed for the connection of a voltage regulator so I can connect a battery power source at a later stage. But to really get the chip configured for the time being I have connected a USB FTDI board, which allows direct programming of the chip just like it was a really Arduino UNO board.

20151107_183526Ensure you get all the cap values right as I was getting an out of sync error, which was caused by the wrong cap between the USB FTDI and the chip.

One I have completed all the code for my tracker I will remove the FTDI and connect a battery power source hopefully the final piece of the tracker puzzle. This will allow me to use my nano for other projects and leave the cheaper chip on the board.

My Nano