Purchased a couple of Ublox GPS M8N modules recently and thought they may have been faulty as my Ardunino Nano wasn’t receiving any data.

So I thought I would share how I tested my module, in case it’s of use for anyone else.

First you need to obtain a few items and download the Ublox software :-

Ublox GPS Module (I usUblox GPS Moduleed a M8N which is on a GPSV3 board for this test)





Serial to USB (I used a YP-05 FTDI Module)FTDI




Use Connector Wire to hook the GPS Module and FTDI board together. My GPS module works with both 3.3v and 5v, just ensure you send the right voltage.

Connect the VCC -> VCC  and GND -> GND  , then ensure TX –>   RX   and the RX -> TX

Before I connect the USB cable I like to check in my Windows Device manager to see what is connected under the “ports (COM & LPT)” that way you should be able to identify what COM port your FTDI will be on.
After connecting the USB cable, i see the following appear. commportd This indicates that my FTDI will be connected to COM14.

If you don’t already have the UBlox U-Center software you will need to download and install it. Ublox – U-Center

commportucenLaunch U-Center and set the Port and Baud Rate via the Receiver Menu.


Usually the Baudrate is 9600 by default, but you may need to try other speeds if you don’t have any luck.

You may also need to change the GPS type under the generation menu.

Within U-Center you can enable various windows to show you the information coming out of the module. The simplest to understand appear under View – Docking Windows. Just enable some of them to confirm your getting data.


If you have connected everything correctly you should start seeing some information appear.  You should see several satellites and their signal strength, you should also see a sat fix status.
Remember if you’re indoors, you may not get the best signal.

If no data is received, check your settings and connections.

This should allow for a basic test to confirm the GPS Module is working. Take care if your trying to change any settings on the module as you can alter the modules characteristics which may not suit your project.